GTC News Thursday - 25.2.21
Covid Safe
Level 4 Covid restrictions were lifted on 17.2.21 and rides resumed on Thursday 18.2.21 with the same limitations as before this lockdown - ie. carry a mask.

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Rides This Week:
Saturday 27th Feb - 8:30am from Fyansford - Ride the Hills Circuit - the route will include Pollocksford, Hendy Main, Andersons, Devon, Merrawarp and Hamilton Highway back to Fyansford - Peter O'Brien to lead.
Sunday 28th Feb - 8:30am from Grovedale Hotel - easy/medium ride of 55km to Leopold, Wallington, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads - click here for map - John Hagan to lead.

Chris Halpin's Thursday to Drysdale with a few Detours - 25.2.21
A modest group waiting patiently at Eastern Gardens this morning at start time. A quick photo and 'bing' the phone started ringing. "Where are you," was the nice quote. So a few minutes later those waiting at Eastern Beach arrived. Another group photo and we were soon on our way. Riders included Jennie, Kim, Lindy, Ken S, Ross, 2xChris, Sarah, David, Ray, Gary and POB as volunteer tail ender. The scheduled ride had us visiting Point Henry but we decided against chancing punctures on the skid pans and took Avila and Hemsley Rds instead enjoying lovely views across Corio Bay to the You Yangs, and some very handsome real estate. Said goodbye to Jennie here and headed to Drysdale for a very enjoyable coffee taken in the conversation pit at The Bungalow. By the time we had exhausted the chatter most of us just wanted to head home along the Rail Trail - a good option as the wind had turned quite foul. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable easy ride of about 60km.

Nick's Tuesday Ride to Russells Bridge & Bannockburn - 23.2.21
Today’s ride lived up to expectations as a “hard” ride, not just for the hilly terrain but also for the unexpected cold, the unwelcome wind and the annoying  drizzle on the return journey.  I bet every rider was relieved to make it home.  We set off in fine, but cool, conditions making steady progress along Ted Wilson, Bluestone Bridge Rd and Lovely Banks with few cars to trouble us. The Stieglitz road was busy early on but  relatively quiet as we approached Russells Bridge Rd where we turned for a fun downhill before the serious effort required up Clyde Rd. This hill never gets any easier! Finally in Bannockburn we enjoyed a well earned rest, sustenance and conversation. Trudi, the birthday girl, shouted us coffee which was much appreciated.
Congratulations Trudi! 
The return journey, started uneventfully, mostly protected from the wind we rolled down Harvey and Brislane Rds. The Ham Hwy with a tail breeze was OK until it started to drizzle. Reaching Pollocksford, everybody now chilled and wary of the looming hill and showers to the south, decided a run down the highway a much better proposition. At Merrawarp Rd Peter, David S , Sarah and Nick turned south into a strong headwind for more hard work. I trust  the homeward run into Fyansford  was not too arduous. It was my pleasure to lead today, Trudi, Janet, Jenny, Sarah, Chris Hu, David S, Ken S, Mark J, Gary and Kelpie Peter J. Thank you!

Greg Allerton's Hard Ride to Avalon, You Yangs, Lara & Sutherlands Ck on Sunday 21.2.21
It was nice to have four companions today as I  was  joined by Janet R, Ray C, Ken G and Peter O'B. It was a cool overcast day and I put on my light rain jacket before we left . Indeed I kept it on for the whole ride - it did not feel like summer. Light misty drizzle made the roads damp and it was not very pleasant riding. At Lara  I even considered an early Coffee stop at 9 am but the group  disagreed as the drizzle had eased off a bit.The section around the perimeter of Avalon Airport was on very quiet roads. The cool southerly wind brought intermittent drizzle so Cafe Xpresso at Lara provided a welcome  break. It was then an easy ride along Flinders Av to the You Yangs , but there was a cool head wind down Forest Rd. We warmed up soon after on the long climb up Staceys Rd. The dip in Robbs Rd gave Peter  a chance for some slow action photos as the group pushed up the steep climb. From  Sutherlands Creek it was a fairly smooth ride home by 1 pm. We rode 102 km in 4 hours 27 minutes, average  22.8 kmh. The strange thing is that on a summer's day after riding over 100 km we did not even see Flinders Peak despite riding so close to it!  Big thanks to my companions.           
Greg Allerton, Ride Leader.

Sarah's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 21.2.21
Ten riders gathered at South Geelong for the easy ride to Drysdale today via the Bellarine Rail Trail. Doug, Geoff, Mark Jones, John H, Ron, Nick and Sarah, PJ, Jennie and Paul set out in the light drizzle to be shortly joined by Barry who was waiting near the Showgrounds to join the posse. The moist weather conditions kept foot traffic light on the trail and maintaining a steady pace we were soon at The Bungalow which was able to accommodate us for coffee. Also we learned how their shade umbrellas operate which might come in handy for future visits! PJ set off on his preferred route home but the rest of us returned home via the BRT, crossing paths with him again on Bellarine Highway. A happily uneventful trip was had back to Geelong, with respectful sharing of the path with other users well practised. Thank you to John for bringing up the rear and thanks to all for a pleasant Sunday ride.

Nick's Saturday Ride to Paraparap & Moriac - 20.2.21
A  small group of six: Nick, Sarah, John H, Jenny, Rob and new rider Peter set off from Bunnings up Ghazepore Rd where we picked up Lyn before proceeding on to Blackgate Rd, then turning south on Hendy Main.  The humid, mild conditions made for pleasant, easy cycling along Grey and Forrest Rd before we scooted down into Moriac. There we met John M and Ken S who had ridden an alternative route to meet us. Ken had the misfortune of not one, but two punctures trying to get to the start. Good coffee and conversation was had before moving off to enjoy the lumps and bumps of Hendy Main, Reservoir Rd and WP Drive. Thank you riders for your good company!

Barry's Paris-Roubaix Ride on Thursday 18.2.21
Fresh from the covid 19 lockdown 16 club riders turned up for the scheduled medium hard ride from Fyansford - Merrawarp Rd- Devon Rd -Cape Otway Rd to Moriac followed by a dirt road detour (Taylors Rd) -The Cottage Nursery coffee stop. Just like covid circuit breaker lockdowns, our ride was thrown a curve ball today with a 2km dirt road detour due to road closures on the Cape Otway Rd. I am sure this random dirt road section will keep us in all good stead for our next entry into the Paris-Roubaix. The spirit of adventure certainly exists within club members. I am in awe of Trudi's prowess on this stretch of dirt road riding capably with 23mm tyres onboard. Nice skill there when you take the surface conditions into account as with other riders as well.  As always, the rhubarb and macadamia slices were superb at "The Cottage".  Whilst having coffee and taking into account the hot conditions and how cyclists would return home, it was agreed that two groups would head back along different routes. Nic Tarnay would lead his group of 5 riders (thanks Nic) along Barrabool Rd and I would take the remaining riders down the breathtakingly beautiful Pollocksford Rd. A special thanks to Gary for being the ever-efficient kelpie on this ride.
The riders that attended todays ride were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Davis S, Gary B, Jennie P, Ken S, Kim G, Lovro L, Peter J, Peter K, Peter O'B, Rob Mc, Sarah and Nic T, Trudi B. Thanks to everyone who made this ride both safe and enjoyable. From my Garmin 60 kms travelled 605m elevation gain Average speed 21.5km/hr Temperature at home upon completion of the ride 20 degrees and humid.

Trudi's Circuit to Bannockburn on Thursday 11.2.21
Ten riders for my reverse ride out to Bannockburn David S, Meri and Lovro, Ray, Chris Ha, Peter J, Barry and Gary, Jennie and Trudi. A nice steady pace out to Burnside Rd, it was here that we waved good bye to Jennie. On our arrival into Bannockburn saw Gary riding back to beat the heat. The rest of us descended on Cafe Le Due Sorell, taking our places outside to enjoy our coffee and sweet delights. Always a fantastic run down Clyde Rd even better without the sidewinds. A gentle climb up Parker Rd and a great downward glide on Stieglitz Rd, soon saw us on Lovely Banks Rd. With a long pause at the traffic lights on Anakie Rd we joined the Ted Wilson Path.  Before we knew it, we were all back at Church St. How time flies when you’re having fun, thanks everyone for your company today for a very pleasant ride in the country side.

Doug's Ride from Winchelsea to Birregurra & Deans Marsh on Tuesday 9.2.21
Twelve riders assembled at Café La Hoot for today’s rural ride. Riders were: Barry T, Ben, David S, Doug, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lovro, Mark K, Meri and Peter O’B. In overcast conditions we set-off, into the 26 kilometres an hour headwind, towards Cape Otway Road at Wurdiboluc. Heading westward along Cape Otway Road, with the wind now on our left-hand side was enjoyable riding. A quick stop to view the water level etc. at Lake Wurdiboluc and as everything at the Lake was fine, we returned to enjoy the cycling along Cape Otway Road to our coffee stop at the Otway Artisan (bakery) in Birregurra. Leaving Birregurra, it was back into the wind with lots of down-hill riding to the Deans Marsh General Store. Some riders elected to get something to eat at the store and we took the opportunity to sit in the lovely grassed area (with tables and chairs) at the rear of the store. We were now experiencing an almost cloudless sunny sky. Leaving Deans Marsh, we had one good thing going for us and that was the wind was now coming over our right-hand shoulder. The second thing was not as good and that was the fact that there were a couple of hills to traverse, the second hill being the steepest hill on course. Having got to the top of the big hill at Bambra, it was then followed by a long down-hill almost to Winchelsea. Mark K took on the responsibility of being last rider and a BIG thanks to Mark for undertaking that important role. Post ride at La Hoot Café, all riders gave their Thumbs Up of the Ride. We had good weather, a good course with little traffic and best of all was the companionship of likeminded cyclists. WELL DONE - EVERYBODY. Distance was 78.88 kilometres and an elevation gain of 344 metres according to Garmin and Strava was contradictory with a gain of 483 metres.

Peter Jones' Ride to Ocean Grove on Tuesday 9.2.21
Six riders for my local ride to Groove Ocean Grove via Wallington today. Janet, Lyn L, Gary, Chris Hu, Ray and myself. Very simple and pleasant route, out the BRT to Curlewis Rd where we turned right across to the Bellarine Hwy and Wallington Rd., just a short run to Orchard Rd where we meandered through the estates admiring their lovely gardens and expressing our gladness that we didn’t have to cut all that grass. We reached Grubb Rd where we turned right and rolled on towards the sea and Ocean Grove, at Thacker another right turn until we tipped over the edge and began to charge downhill on one of the dippers, some thought we were going to climb out but half way down it was a left turn, still downhill, and on into the back entrance to Groove where we enjoyed a coffee before heading home via 13th Beach and HSBend Rd. Lovely day's ride in absolutely cracker weather.
Cheers, Peter.

Greg Allerton's 100km ride to Bannockburn & Gnarwarre on Sunday 7.2.21
I was pleased to have a 50% increase attendance from the last Long Ride! Mark Shying, Barry Tippett and I set off on a fine but cool morning at 8-05 from South Geelong Station out to Ted Wilson Trail having a mixed response to our greetings with fellow path users. Heales Rd/Houston Dve loop gave us a brief respite from the busy Bacchus Marsh Rd where there was a vintage car rally. Staceys Rd was a tough section with a moderate head wind and Robbs Rd was no easier. Steiglitz Rd was fairly quiet  and Parker Rd even more so. The long climb up Clyde Hill was tough but the lure of coffee spurred us on. At  the Bannockburn stop we were joined by the local Veteran racer (ex New Zealander) the eccentric talkative local, Ross, whom I had met on a previous GTC ride at Lethbridge. We enjoyed the section along the quiet Harvey Rd then Brislane Rd before joining Hamilton Hwy. It was a good tail wind until we turned into Pollocksford Rd, though Mark headed back home via the highway. Barry rode strongly up the climb but my legs were still heavy from yesterday's Portarlington Hills. We turned left at  Barrabool Rd and soon after took a 4 km out and back detour along Haines Rd where the former motorbike track was and had great views looking north. Barry enjoyed the "Local Traffic" Anderson Rd on his first visit. We then took the Princes Hwy dodging the glass before turning into Waurn Ponds Dve. We parted ways at Pigdons Rd from where I took Waurn Ponds Creek path home, returning around 1-30 pm. 106 km in 4hours 52 minutes average 21.7kph. Thanks to my two companions. 
Greg Allerton  Ride Leader .

Ted Reeve's Magical History Tour of Geelong on Sunday 7.2.21
Andrew, Chris Ha, Doug, Jennie, Kim, Lindy, Lyn L, Peter J, Peter O, Ray, Sarah, Nick  and Trudi met me at South Geelong Station for an experimental tour of some homes of historical interest in Geelong and Lara. After a short introduction and explanation of the concept and route we set off up Yarra Street and stopped after an “exhausting” 600 metres at 55 Maud Street, the Old Geelong Grammar School (c 1857). A brief lecture followed in which all pupils stayed awake which was a boost to my confidence so we soldiered on. We collected Paul and Cathie along the way (making a total of 16 riders) to “The Heights” (c 1855) followed by “Raith” (c 1864 and for sale for a lazy $7m), both in Newtown (only a short climb up the Ruthven 9-percenter). Trudi was in her home patch so led the way to the Ted Wilson for our next stop at Elcho Homestead (c 1867) which was followed by coffee and cakes at the Lara Museum (c 1824) served by the happy volunteers of the Lara Historical Society and ably assisted by our backup team of Jo and Marcia in the sag wagon. After coffee, chat and brief visit to the museum we carried on to Osborne House (c 1858) in North Geelong for the final part of the lecture tour before heading home by our various preferred routes. Some intelligent questions were posed by participants, some of which I could answer, others not. Homework was to find out who the famous Hollywood couple were who lived in Elcho and what was the origin of the Elcho name. As is common now with some tours, the guide was compensated by a tip of an amount that was considered appropriate for the quality of the presentation. Tip total = $0. Nevertheless, I plan to offer another episode in April so stay tuned and stay upright.

Chris Halpin's Ride to Portarlington on Saturday 6.2.21
18 keen riders this morning at the Showgrounds for a medium/hard ride to Portarlington: PJ, POB, Trudi & Leo, Jo & Hugh, Julia, Sarah and Nick, Jenny, Kim, Ken S, 2xChris, John M, Mark J, Greg and Jennie all chatting happily. Traffic on the Rail Trail was thankfully light (nice to meet Ross going the wrong way), the weather kind, and we had no dramas before turning on to the Bypass and over the hills to Port. Daniels Donuts was again popular and coffee in the sunshine very social. Poor Leo was kept busy repairing Trudi's puncture (see photo), but I think she rewarded him with an extra donut.
Kim, Greg and the Tarnays followed me back the same way - the medium ride. The rest headed off with PJ to tackle the hard option. Pity we both got wet. All up about 65Km. Thanks everyone for the company and special thanks to Tailend Leo.
Chris Halpin.

GTC AGM at South Barwon Community Centre - Thursday 4.2.21
On 4/2/21 after Covid restrictions forcing many delays, we held our AGM. It was our best attended ever with  25 in person, many apologies and 6 appointed proxies. The club is in a very strong and stable position which was reflected in the voting for committee. All current committee members were returned with the addition of Janet Roussety. 
President: Lindy Lester
Vice President: Mike Currie
Secretary: Chris Halpin 
Treasurer: Ted Reeve
General Committee Members: Julia McKeag, Trudi Bellia and Janet Roussety.
Thank you to all for your support and confidence in our good management. 
Lindy Lester
President GTC.

Ken Smith's Ride to The Dunes at Ocean Grove - Thursday 4.2.21
The day was overcast and pleasant with a slight breeze from the north east. Twenty riders rode with seventeen at the start and three meet us on the way. We made two groups, Doug was my tail end charlie, and Chris Halpin lead the second group and Chris Hume at the rear thank you. The riders were: Barry, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David, Doug, Jennie, Ken G, Kim, Lindy, Lyn, Mike C, Ross, Trudi, Ted, Gary, Norm, Ray, guest rider Peter Chilper [Welcome] and myself. It was good to have Mike riding again, although he said there was still discomfort from the pain in his arm. After enjoying each other's company at the Dunes Cafe and ocean views, riders went different directions home leaving eleven of us to head back via Ocean Throughway, Bonnyvale, Banks Roads and Bellerine Hwy to Geelong .
Thanks to all who participated. Ken Smith.

TWO Rides - Gravel & Bitumen - to Jan Juc on Tuesday 2.2.21
Bitumen Ride Report by Gary Broughton:
Under threatening skies I was joined for todays bitumen ride, starting at Bunnings, by Barry T, David S, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Mark J, Peter O’B, Nick and Trudi for the ride to the Swell at Jan Juc. We broke from tradition at the start by riding back to the lights at Bunnings, along the Colac Rd, over Waurn Ponds Drive up the path running along the Ring Road, then under the Ring Road to Ghazeepore Rd via Hams Rd. Apparently interesting indigenious botanical specimens can be found along the Anglesea road cos after conquering the Gundry Road hills a number of our male members decided to venture into the scrub to compare botanical notes. After coffee at The Swell we rode the return journey along the Surfcoast Highway and was truly granted “reward for effort” cos after battling strong head winds down to Jan Juc we had the luxury of that very same wind at our backs.
Thank you everyone for a great ride and Nick for being kelpie.
Gravel Ride Report by Mark Kelly:
We had 7 starters for our gravel ride to Jan Juc - Ben, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Peter J, Ray, Sarah and myself. We headed up the old Colac Rd and then took Willowite Rd heading towards the coast. Peter J left us at the end of Willowite with the rest of us heading across to Giddings Rd and then along Flaxbournes Rd. After a quick stop at Drol Kar we headed for the rolling hills of Portreith Rd to Vickerys Rd and then tackled the long, very corrugated climb up Elkington Rd. We  resisted the temptation of the Chocolaterie and headed onto the coast path from Pt Addis Rd. After another quick stop at Bells we headed for some well-deserved refreshments at Swell cafe. With the toll of corrugated roads and considerable hills we headed back to Waurn Ponds via Horseshoe Bend Rd with at good tail wind to push us along. In summary a very enjoyable ride with some good challenges that we will feel for a few days - covering just on 70kms. Thanks to all for great company and safe riding.

Janet Roussety's Exploration of Dead End Roads between Showgrounds & Leopold - Sunday 31.1.21
An overcast morning saw 22 riders in total assemble at the Showgrounds for a tour of some dead end roads. We were: Andrew, Barry, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Doug, Geoff Ca, Jennie, John H, Julia, Lindy, Mick, Marie, Meri, Lovro, Mike C, Pam, Peter J, Ross, Ted,  Trudi,  Leo (tail end Charli) and myself.
First stop was Point Henry to view the copious amounts of rubber left on the road by hoons, then down Clifton Ave for a lovely view of the bay.  Coffee was enjoyed in Leopold where we split into 3 groups at the Rolling Pin, Panache and Macca's. Cakes of various varieties were certainly enjoyed at the Rolling Pin. Here we said goodbye to Chris Hu, Barry, Marie and Mick who headed to Drysdale and beyond. Assembling again we headed up the Bellarine highway to Brimsmead Lane for a look at Lake Connewarre, back into Leopold and down Ash road for another look.  Pam left us here as we headed back towards Geelong and finished up down the rail trail back to the showgrounds where we all made our way back home. Well done to Ross and Doug who had ridden in from Torquay so had a bit further to go than the rest of us.
Thanks for a lovely morning,  Janet. 

Mark Shying's Saturday Ride to Gnarwarre - 30.1.21
Good conditions saw 11 riders leave Bunnings WP for Cottage Farm Nursery.  For the ride initially I was joined by Chris H, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Julia, Ken S, Peter O’B, Ross and Nick with Ross assuming tail end Charlie duties - thank you Ross.  Most riders rode WP drive, Reservoir road, HM road, Barrabool road.  A few used alternative roads.  Greg departed along the way for work...replaced by Ian B. Arriving at the cafe we were joined by PeterJ, Trudi and Leo.  Good chat, excellent food, fine china, excellent service - thank you Chris.  The return journey  via Moriac and Cape Otway Road was under favourable conditions with riders departing along the way.  My trip of 70kms was most likely at the top end of the range.  Thank you all for joining  me today.  
Mark S.

Nick's Ride to Bannockburn via the Barrabool Hills - Thursday 28.1.21
Eleven riders turned up at Bunnings prepared to crest the hills in gusty, overcast conditions. The strong easterly aided Nick, Sarah, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Peter OB, David S, Chris Ha, Zac, Doug and Jennie up WP Drive and along Reservoir where Doug and Jennie left us for Moriac. The hills of Devon, Barrabool and Pollocksford weren’t too hard with a strong tailwind. It was only until the Hamilton Hwy that there was much noisy traffic to contend with but the mostly generous verge kept us out of harm’s way. Harvey’s Rd into Bannockburn was a most pleasant, if slightly longer route, where we then enjoyed good coffee and conversation at Le Due Sorell. Fortified, we braced ourselves for the headwinds of the homeward journey. On the Hamilton Hwy we maintained a steady conga line into the ‘solid’ easterly wind. Peter O’B and David turned at Merrawarp to enjoy more wind and hills whilst the rest of us proceeded on into Fyansford via scenic Upper Paper Mill Rd and then the lovely, quiet river trail home. Thank you riders!

Meri & Lovro Lead the Australia Day Ride to Little River & Lara on Tuesday 26.1.21
Sorry everyone,  we forgot about the ride report! Here it is now. Started for Little River from Rippleside Park, with Sara, Doug, Peter J, Jenny, Janet, Ken, David S, and Lovro leading. Nice easy ride out past the You Yangs which were shrouded in mist, with very nice tail wind. Rain threatened, but held off till after coffee. Coffee at Xpresso, they had an Australian Day special with Pavlova and lamingtons. Quite a few of us could recommend the lamingtons. Even though they had layers of raspberry jam!!! Coming home, we bypassed Hovels Creek trail and made our way up the Old Melbourne road into the head wind.  Everyone managed very well, and we were home by 12:15. A good ride, good company and not bad weather. 
Cheers Meri and Lovro.

Greg Allerton leads the 'Long Ride' to Paraparap - Sunday 24.1.21
With an early 7-30 am start I was not sure I would have any other riders, so I was very pleased when Janet Roussety arrived. We waited for 5 minutes  but there were  no other starters  so we set off down to the river path which was quite busy with riders and runners keen to exercise before it got too hot. We  took Gun Dog Rd then along Waurn Ponds Creek path out to Bunnings. Waurn Ponds Drive was fairly quiet and we soon crossed onto Princes Highway briefly then turned into Pettavel Rd. The roadside bunting was still up from last night's concert with a few cars still parked in the fields. As there was little traffic we took Cape Otway Rd through Moriac and continued on to Church Rd, one of Janet's favourites. We met quite a few mostly solo riders and were near the end of Larcombes Rd when the Vets racers came around the corner at pace towards us. Hendy Main Rd soon brought us back to Moriac Store where we met Marge Smith who has done a few rides with GTC. Janet was disappointed with the young staff who first tried to overcharge her and then failed to bring her coffee until reminded. It was however a welcome break after 39 km. Luckily thick cloud and a gentle cool breeze made for comfortable riding up Hendy Main Rd then Reservoir Rd and the same route back as we came out along. I was home by 1-30 pm after 64 km  av. 20.7 while Janet got closer to 70 km with a longer ride to the start. I enjoyed her company.     
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

John Hagan Explores the Back Lanes of Geelong - 24.1.21
Peter O'Brien did all the groundwork for this adventurous ride around the back lanes of East Geelong, Chilwell, Newtown, West Geelong and Drumcondra. He took a couple of knowledgeable friends with him as he charted these lanes and produced a GPX file for us to follow. Unfortunately he had a family function to attend to so could not lead the ride. Eight riders turned up for the challenge - in the photo below from L to R: Leo, Jennie, Jo, Trudi, Kim, Geoff C, Peter J and myself. It turned out to be a very interesting ride even though your ride leader didn't spot everything as he was busily working out from the bike computer where the next turn was to be. The surfaces varied from beautifully smooth bitumen to cobblestones, gravel paths and one was so overgrown that we thought we had landed in the middle of the Amazon jungle!! We found a tennis court that hardly any of us knew about - but Jennie had played tennis there and went past the old Drumcondra lawn bowls location. We decided to stop for coffee at the cafe at Rippleside and enjoyed our break in the seats down near the bike path. Each coffee/tea was brought down separately (to keep them hot!) and the lady who served me said she just loved giving me the coffee. For the next couple of coffees the riders demanded a similar response from the staff! We returned to the Station via the Waterfront and Swanston St. Thanks all for an enjoyable ride.
Keep Riding - John .

Peter Jones Leads the Saturday Ride to Portarlington - 23.1.21
Eighteen riders today: Chris Ha, Doug, Greg, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, John H, John M, Julia, Ken S, Kim, Meri, Peter O, Ross, Trudi, Leo and myself. Absolute cracker of a day for a ride, forecast Temp of 26 deg with a light wind. Took the BRT out to Jetty Rd where we diverted to the Bypass and on to Port Rd rolling up and down the rollers. Doug and Kim left us for a coffee at Drysdale before heading home and Greg and Hugh had to be back early so they turned around before being tempted by the Donuts in Portarlington. Coffee and donuts consumed we continued around the coast, so many boats out, are there any fish left. Turned up Murradoc to the Bypass and across to Princess St and enjoyed a steady downhill run to Swan Bay Rd. Heading down Swan Bay Rd the thought of a Cider at The Flying Brick Cider House took hold and some just couldn’t ride past. On the lawns sitting in the shade of an umbrella sipping on a cider is a lovely way to take a break before we hit the road back into Geelong on the Bellarine Hwy. Fantastic day on the bike, thanks everyone for joining me. Ride on.
Cheers, Peter.

Trudi's Thursday Ride to Bannockburn - 21.1.21
Small group assembled at Church St today for my ride to Bannockburn: Meri and Lovro, Julie, Peter J, Peter O, David, Ray, Ken S and myself. What a stunningly beautiful summer’s day for a ride out in the country side. Lovely Banks Rd was fairly quite of traffic, but we encountered a few trucks on Stieglitz Rd. Fantastic run down Parker Rd and along the gully floor. But Clyde Rd soon had us at a much slower pace. Cafe Le Due Sorelle was a welcome sight, sitting inside to enjoy our coffee and caramel slices.  Riding down a lovely quiet tree lined Harvey Rd was a real pleasure for all the senses.  Thanks for those that rode today on such a beautiful summer’s day (finally) catch you all next time.

Dual Ride to Queenscliff with the Asphalt Ride led by Doug Wyatt - Tuesday 19.1.21
It must be a record attendance for this year as twenty-three riders assembled at the Showgrounds for this dual ride to Queenscliff. There were 9 riders doing the Gravel Ride and 14 starters for the Asphalt Ride and they were: Barry T, Ben, Butch, David S, Doug, Gary B, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Lovro, Meri, Trudi, Zac and guest rider Les (friend of Butch). At Jetty Road the asphalt riders took a right turn to Princes Street whilst the gravel riders continued on the Rail Trail. At the corner of Jetty Road and the Geelong – Portarlington Road, waiting for a green light, the ride leader demonstrated his lack of flexibility, he looked around to check that all riders were present and in doing so, overbalanced to find his right knee on the road minus some skin. He now had matching patches of bare skin on each knee. Turning right onto Princess Street we now had a headwind all the way to Swan Bay Road. At the end of Swan Bay Road turning onto the Portarlington – Queenscliff Road we were advised by a passing cyclist that there were serious road works ahead and we may not get through. As there was no signage declaring the road to be closed, we decided to continue. In reality there was no other way to Queenscliff. A bit further along the road we encountered the roadworks and were delayed for about 12 minutes. The positive with the compulsory stop was a rest for us and time to re-hydrate. Arriving at the ferry terminal saw us a couple of minutes ahead of the gravel riders. We (the asphalt riders) headed home along Shell Road, 13th Beach Road, Lake Road and at Warralily Boulevard the peloton broke-up. Some taking Warralily Boulevard, some heading straight back to Geelong. Seven riders stopped for refreshments at the Village, Warralily Shopping Centre. Instead of going to Sullies Kiosk, our planned stop, we opted for the Cockatoo Café, opposite, which had the outdoor dining facilities protected from the wind. The egg and bacon rolls were delightful, if you fancy such cuisine. We also had a choice of plain water or sparkling water. Loved the bubbles and the taste of the sparkling water. A tailwind all the way back to the start made the final few kilometres easy as. A sincere THANK YOU to Ben who volunteered to be ‘Tail-End Charlie.’ Distance: 84 kilometres. Height gained: 383 metres. Temperature: Eventually 18 degrees (just as well it’s summer otherwise we may have needed our winter woollies). Wind: 27kms from the South to SSW. Well done to all riders who participated in this very popular ride.
Gravel Ride led by Chris Hume – 17.1.21
Big roll-up today for the Queenscliff ride. The asphalt crew headed off first and now it was obvious who the gravel riders were!! We had nine riders: Chris H x 2, PJ, Mark K, Paul T, Ray, Ron, Sarah and guest rider David I. On arriving at Drysdale Paul left us and returned with Barry, who was in the first group. For a change we headed around the lake at the back of the station, Lake Lorne, which was full to overflowing and teeming with birds. Now onto the good part of the Rail Trail - the gravel - which was in very good condition. From here onto Queenscliff and Roro Cafe for coffee where we caught up with the other group, had coffee snacks and a good chat. Then the asphalt group headed off, PJ joining them and Mark returned directly back along the Rail Trail leaving a group of six to do a  little tour of Queenscliff including Shortland Bluff, Rip View Lookout and the Point Lonsdale Promenade. Then it was back onto the rail trail to Geelong, 75 Km all up. A great ride!!
Chris Hu.

Ted’s Easy Ride to Drysdale & Pete’s not-so-easy Ride to Portarlington – 17.1.21
A good turnout of members gathered at the Showgrounds in perfect weather for riding with a gentle tail wind making the trip through the Bellarine Peninsula a “breeze”. At Leopold three gentlemen were having a lovely rest before joining us and making up a healthy total of nineteen for the “double header” to Drysdale and Portarlington. Just before Drysdale the Portarlington Peloton broke away and headed off for the longer ride while the Drysdale Dream Team headed for the Coffee Caravan for the usual delicious refreshments and friendly service. Good conversation ensued with various topics including the relative merits of Pinarello vs Orbea e-bikes. Orbea aficionados being somewhat at a disadvantage due to the engine problems currently being experienced by your ride leader. My Coffee Caravan Companions were Butch, Chris Ha, Lindy, Lyn & Mick, Marie & Geoff, Pam, Paul & Cathy, Peter J & myself.
Peter O'Brien's Report on Drysdale to Portarlington –17.1.21
Seven riders continued to ride on from Drysdale and tackle the hills on the Portarlington Road.  As a reward for conquering the hills, we decided to take a coffee break at Daniels in Portarlington where the donuts were delicious.  At this point John Miro joined us, however, Chris Hume wanted even more climbing so he elected to return along the Portarlington Road to Drysdale. With the magnificent backdrop of the bay we continued to ride on The Esplanade through to Indented Heads and St Leonards.  There were convoys of vintage cars on Murradoc Road so we decided the easiest ride back to Geelong was via the rail trail. Thanks to Jeanie, Jo, Jessie, Ian, Ray, Chris Hu and John M for a very enjoyable ride. Distance 76kms.
Peter O.

Sarah's Saturday Ride to Xpresso Lounge Cafe in Lara - 16.1.21
With showers threatening and unseasonably cool conditions there were twelve takers at Rippleside for today’s easy ride to Lara, namely Doug, Greg, Jennie, Julia, Ken Smith, Meri and Lovro, Peter Jones, Sarah and Nick, Trudi and Leo. Being the weekend, there was little traffic around the industrial port area. Plenty of black swans to be seen in Limeburners Lagoon before we deviated at Cummins Road to avoid the problematic perennially flooded  bike path underpass at Lara. Heading straight along Rennie St we had excellent coffee and social time at Xpresso Lounge at Lara. Thus fortified, we found a stiff blustery wind to work against on the way home via Elcho, Bacchus Marsh Rds and Ted Wilson trail. The head wind transformed the easy ride into a “not so easy ride” but we can’t always summon an obliging tail breeze!!! Riders peeled off to take different routes home after Ballarat Road but three of us completed the loop down Church St to Rippleside Park. Thank you to Leo for being the tail end Charlie and to all for a good ride. 44 kms on Julia’s computer.

TWO Rides to The Chocolotarie in Bellbrae - a GRAVEL Ride Led by Mark Kelly and an ASHPHALT Ride Led by Gary Broughton on Thursday 14.1.21
Mark's GRAVEL Ride Report:
Eight graveleurs set out from Waurn Ponds this morning - Sarah, Peter J, Peter O, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, Will (Chris Ha jnr), Ross and myself. We headed out Pettavel Rd following it all the way to the end and then along Vickerys Rd. Chris Ha and Will left us at Portreath Rd to head home as they were on a strict timeframe. After Vickerys we headed up the long climb of Elkington Rd to be rewarded by morning tea at the Chocolaterie and were joined by Lindy! We all enjoyed a well-deserved break and were just about finished when a few of the roadies arrived (not sure what happened to the rest). Ross headed back to Torquay and the remaining five headed home along Forest Rd, turning down Flaxbournes Rd. The ride along Flaxbournes was particularly enjoyable with with a light wind at our back, quiet surroundings and some unexpected sealed road. We then turned down Giddings and then across to Hunts Rd, Dickens and Willowite Rd back to Resevoir Rd followed by a great run home down Waurn Ponds Rd. All in all a great day out and a very good ride. Thanks to all for your good company and to Peter J for the photos. 
Mark Kelly.

Report on Gary's ASHPHALT Ride:
Gary was the photographer and Ken Smith the Scribe. There were twelve riders ready to tackle the road ride - they were David S, Doug W, Gary B, Jennie P, Ken G, Ken S, Kim G, Meri/Lovro, Ted R, Trudi B and new member Tony Brooks [Welcome].The ride course we rode was Waurn Ponds Drive, Pettavel, Reservoir, Cape Otway,  Church, Larcombs and Forest Roads.We were riding into a strong head wind until we reached Larcombes Road, then a tail side wind assisted as to the Chocolaterie. Teds battery went flat [Again] and on Waurn Ponds Drive he went back home. Jennie left us at Moriac for work. When we arrived at the Chocolaterie the gravel riders were already there. It was crowded so David decided to ride on and we did not see him again. Under Dougs direction (Thanks Doug) Gary, Ken S, Kim, Meri, Lovro and Tony rode to the North of  Torquary to the El Nido Cafe. The service was quick and the coffee and cakes were very nice. The Horse Shoe Bend road was selected to ride home on and the new bridge is a big improvement on the old one and much safer. Thanks to all who paticipated.
Ken Smith wrote the report.

Peter Jones Leads the Tuesday Ride from Williamstown to Westmeadows - 12.1.21
Nine riders for our Melbourne Bike Path Ride to Westmeadows Tavern. Traffic up to Williamstown was light this morning as we cruised along to the Williamstown SC. At 9-30 am we headed off on the Bay Trail in towards Melbourne, lots of works going on but the bike path remains open and well used. At the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail we headed North under the Bolte Bridge infrastructure then meandering through wonderful leafy areas and amazing homes. At Essendon we diverted from the path to our favourite coffee spot for a break.
Coffee done it was on to Westmeadows for lunch and a good chat. Meals were excellent as usual and there was time for a quiet Cider or Beer before we hit the road to cut across to the Maribyrnong River Path. Took the Steele Creek Trail  which leads onto the river trail at a wonderful lookout overlooking to river and the old ammunition factory. The view across to the City and over the suburbs is just stunning, a highlight of the ride amongst many highlights. The run back along the river and the Bay was into a stiff sea breeze but the riding conditions overall were just brilliant, a great days ride through a fantastic and diverse area. Thanks everyone for your company, those attending were, Jennie, Chris H, Mick, Ray, Ken, David S, Ross, Peter O, Ken S and myself.
Cheers Peter J.

Doug Leads the Alternative Tuesday Ride to Drysdale - 12.1.21
With two GTC Rides on today, it was a nice surprise to see ten other riders arrive for this event. Riders were: Ben, Chris Hu, Doug, Julia, Ken G, Kim, Leo, Sarah, Trudi, Zac and guest rider Blazenka (Zac’s better half). Ben arrived with his new bike (present from Father Christmas) and extolled the advantages of it. After yesterday’s scorching weather and the forecast for a hot day tomorrow, it was nice to have a sunny day with the temperature in the low 20’s, between the two. Of the many cyclists on the Trail, we came across Paul who was with his wife, Cathy, who was in the early stages of regular riding (hopefully a new Club member soon). When we reached Jetty Road, we headed down-hill, with a tail wind to the Clifton Springs Boat Harbour. From there it was uphill into the wind for a well-deserved coffee at the Bungalow. Whilst having coffee, present member Mike and ex-members Rolf and David arrived. Pleasantries were exchanged as some of us had certainly not spoken to Mike this year. Post coffee, some riders opted for a different route back to Geelong. Ken G went via Ocean Grove, Chris via Queenscliff and Julia, Trudi and Leo eventually via Barwon Heads. Kim, Zac and Blazenka opted for the Rail Trail whilst Ben Sarah and Doug stuck to the advertised course. A pleasant day for cycling in pleasant company. Special mention to Zac for making Blazenka ride the big hills from Clifton Springs rather than stick to the flat Rail Trail to Drysdale. A big THANK YOU to Leo for being last rider back. Scribe: Doug, Photos: Sarah. Distance of the advertised course was 48 kilometres.

Doug Leads the Sunday Ride to 9 grams in Mt Duneed for Coffee - 10.1.21
With a sunny blue sky interspersed with fluffy white clouds we had 18 riders turn up for today’s ride. Riders were: Andrew, Barry, Chris Hu, Doug, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Ian B, Kim, Lindy, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Ross, Sarah, Ted and guest rider Peter R. who was warmly welcomed. The ride started with an AFL flavour as we departed not far from the Cat’s (Geelong) home ground and after a few minutes riding turned onto Fitzroy Street followed by Richmond Terrace then onto Garden Street and the Eastern Gardens. Cycling along Hearne Parade we had Corio Bay on our left which was looking ever so splendid under the morning sun. Onward we rode towards our coffee stop. Unfortunately, at Breakwater Jenny punctured and with several other riders assisting with the repair, we were soon underway again.

At 9 Grams we were well catered for with table service and shade in the warm conditions. Resuming our course, we had several riders taking different routes as they had ridden the start and thus completed the circular route. One exception was Ted as he had a flat battery and wanted to take the most direct route home. Going through the tunnel under the Anglesea Road near the big round-a-bouts we encountered an elderly female pedestrian and as we always do, in these circumstances, a bell was rung and we vocally advised the woman we were about to pass her. To our total surprised, she replied with “P…-Off” and then deliberately moved to the centre of the path, thus delaying following riders who did not want to run into her. From motorists, we are used to this behaviour, however I think we just reached a new low. Back in the sunshine we chatted about what had just occurred. Putting that little incident behind us, it was back to enjoying each other’s company, the nice weather and the relatively flat course save the biggest hill up Pigdons Road past the Uni. At the top of the reasonable climb, it was all downhill or flat back to the start. Well done everybody. Last, but not least, I thank Chris Hu who volunteered to be ‘Tail End Charlie’ which is an extremely important job and always of great assistance to any ride leader.
Doug Wyatt.

Ken Smith Leads the Saturday Ride through the Barrabool Hills - 9.1.21
Eleven riders were at the start to tackle the Barrabool Hills they were Chris Ha, Greg A, Janett R, Meri, Lovio, Peter J, Peter O, Ross G, Trudi, Leo and myself. Leo had punctured before the start and Lovro had helped fix it, Leo again had another puncture on Merrawarp Road and Peter J and Peter O gave assistance, on the ride to the Cottage Farm Nursery the traffic was minimal,we did not know what was a head of us. [Pres] Lindy was waiting there for us with the good news and photos of the twins their daughter had given birth to. After a good social time we made our way to Moriac, where it was decided to ride the Hendy Main Road to Gazapoore Road. When we reached the Anglesea Road the cars were bumper to bumper so much so we could not cross the road, they would not stop for us, we road on to the roundabout at Mount Duneed road and on to Ghazeepore Road, making our way to our homes. Thanks to all who participated.
Ken Smith.

Trudi's Ride to the You Yangs on Thursday 7.1.21
Sixteen riders today for my ride to the You Yangs and beyond Nick and Sarah, Meri and Lovro, Jennie, Peter J, Chris Hu, Gary, Ray, Doug, Mark K, Zac, David S, Ken S, Leo and Trudi. Took my usual favourite route out to the You Yangs which is a bit longer but has open paddocks, fresh air and livestock to gaze at while peddling along. Stopping at the You Yangs entrance for a photo giving everyone a chance to make a decision if they would like to ride up to the turntable and back. No takers today, so off for a well deserved coffee.  Peter having made a phone call to book the outside tables made our arrival at Xpresso Cafe very quick. Service was fast and before we knew it we were soon enjoying our drink or slice of choice. Having decided to ride Hovels Creek path back wasn’t a good decision. With flashing lights and signs telling us that the Rennie St waterway was closed due to flooding. On first inspection yep !!! it was flooded, but we all manage to get through slowly. Ted’s Puddle was our next waterway to give us concern.  But it’s was no longer a Puddle but a Plunge Pool, and as no one had a wetsuit or snorkel this was not an option today.  So we rode home along Rennie St rejoining the bike path at Shell Refinery. Great ride, great company, great weather see you great people next ride.

The ride for 3.1.21 was cancelled due to inclement weather - Chris Hu did a ride to test some of his gear.

Peter O'Brien Leads the GTC Version of the Cadel Evans Ride on Tuesday 5.1.21
When I woke up at 7:15am to the sound of rain on the roof I had reservations as to whether we should tackle the Cadel Evans Ride route today.  We were chuffed at the start line to have our own paparazzi in attendance.  Leo, minus Trudi, was there with his camera and we’re grateful to him for making the effort.  Janet arrived, drenched having experienced a sudden downpour over Newtown yet determined to complete the ride.  Lovro, Meri, Janet, Doug, Peter J, Mark S, Jenni and myself departed Eastern Beach at 8:30am and met Nick en route at the Belmont Common. We ‘misplaced’ Lovro along the way, who unbeknown to us had a puncture near Lake Road.  Happily he eventually caught us whilst we were having coffee at Barwon Heads.  To our surprise Ken Smith turned up at this location; he also had been drenched prior to the start, requiring him to return back home for a quick change followed by a mad dash to catch the peloton.  Most impressive Ken.
We proceeded to Torquay to tackle the hills around Bells Beach and then onto Moriac.  At this stage of the ride we again misplaced Lovro and Meri due to Lovro unfortunately having a 2nd puncture that required major surgery.  They reappeared on the approach to Moriac, having taken an alternative route and just in time to join the group for a coffee break at Moriac. Next we headed back towards Geelong via the Barrabool Hills, tackling the climbs on Scenic Road and the famous Melville Avenue.  The remaining 6km was relatively flat so we cruised into town and had a celebratory session at the Yacht Club.  Thanks Lovro for getting us in through the back gate! Congratulations to- Janet, Jenni, Ken S, Mark S, Lovro, Meri, Peter J, Nick and Doug for a sterling effort. Distance ridden = 115km.
Peter O.

Doug Wyatt Leads the First GTC Ride of 2021 to Lara - 2.1.21
A baker’s dozen of riders (13) turned-up for the Club’s first event for 2021. The riders were: Barry T, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Leo, Lovro, Meri, Paul, Peter O, Ray, Ross, Ted and Trudi. Ray had ridden to the start from Point Lonsdale and Ross from Torquay. The course to Lara was not exactly as planned, however, many roads lead to Lara and with the help of a couple of course advisors en route, we got there, despite their help. The intended coffee stop was to be Xpresso Lounge Café in the heart of Lara. Riding along Elcho Road we had a brief shower of rain and as Millar’s coffee shop was closer, we opted for the sanctuary of Millar’s which proved to be a good choice as we had the eastern end room at Millar’s all to ourselves, plus table service (albeit a bit slow). The route back to Rippleside was Hovell’s Creek Trail. On the Trail, going under the freeway, we encounted “TED’S Puddle” (the water is getting deeper and a snorkel may be required if more rain falls) and had the traditional tyre wash (free of charge). To our relief “PETER’S Puddle” was as dry as a bone. With darkening skies, we made it safely back to Rippleside. Ray and Ross were riding home. By the time Ross reached Grovedale it was raining. Ross declined a lift and pushed on. The rain would have also caught up with Ray. For the record, Ross got home in one piece and thoroughly drenched. Hopefully Ray fared better. Good company and a good easy course to start off this year’s proceedings. Well done all. In round figures, it was a 40 kilometre ride.

Doug Leads the Last Ride of 2020 to Ocean Grove - 31.12.20
The final Club Ride for 2020 saw 19 riders assemble at Grovedale. Riders were: Barry T, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, David S, Doug W, Ian B, Jennie, Julia, Ken S, Lovro, Leo, Meri, Nick, Norm, Peter O, Ross, Sarah, Ted and Trudi. Unfortunately, Barry had a mechanical problem and despite the expertise within the group, we were unable to remedy Barry’s problem, hence his late scratching. According to Garmin we headed towards Warralily Boulevard into 20 kilometres an hour head wind. At the corner of Barwon Heads and Lake Road, The Pres. (Lindy) joined us. Having tried several times previously to contact our planned coffee stop (The Paddock Café) to see if they could accommodate us, we paused at the Barwon Heads round-a-bout to make one final effort to contact them. Yet again our phone call received a recorded message. Plan B was put into action and it was decided we would split into two groups with one group going to The Garage and the other group going to the Groove. The Groove turned-out to be the better of the two options. When a seaside coffee shop is scheduled, during summer, there is always an element of chance regarding the coffee shops accommodating us. Traffic wise the roads were busy through Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.
We divided into two groups for the return trip. The first group had just departed when Lavro discovered a puncture in his rear tyre. Puncture repaired we were away enjoying the tail wind along Wallington Road, chasing the first group. When we reached the highway, not surprisingly, the first group were well out of sight. As the Geelong bound traffic was very busy and consequent noise, we elected to go via the much quieter Curlewis Road to join the Rail Trail. Special thanks to Leo for volunteering to be last person back. The ride to Ocean Grove was a nice way to conclude GTC’s Ride Calendar for 2020. Distance: 55 kilometres.
Ride Leader Doug W.
To all Club members, have a Happy, Heathy, Safe and Prosperous NEW YEAR.

Janet Roussety's Tuesday Ride to Portarlington & Return via Swan Bay Rd - 29.12.20
Quite a crowd gathered at the showgrounds for today's ride with gorgeous conditions. We were David S, David I, Gary,  Ian, Jennie, Julia, Ken G, Ken S, Lyn, Mark J, Mark  S, Meri, Lovro, PJ, Sarah, Nick, Richard and Sue, Trudi, Leo and myself. Heading off down the rail trail we were joined by John M bringing our total to 22. We took the bypass around Drysdale and the hills to Portarlington quickly split us up. Coffee at Daniel's Donuts was nice and quick and we soon were on the road to Indented Heads. Being a careless leader we had somehow managed to lose several people and we were down to 13 by this stage. We had seen several GTC riders out and about also enjoying the weather. The ride along the foreshore was absolutely beautiful, taking Bluff Road we made our way over to Swan Bay Road and back via the Bellarine Highway. Thanks for a great morning with a ride of around 80k.

Janet Roussety's Sunday Ride to Drysdale - 27.12.20
A very sultry morning saw 15 riders assemble at the showgrounds for a ride to Drysdale. Attending were Trudi, Leo, Meri, Lovro, Lindy, Barry, Jennie, PJ, Ted, Chris Hu, Barry, Paul, Mark J, Julia and myself. We set off down the rail trail to Bellarine Highway,  down to Swan Bay Road then over to coffee at the station at Drysdale (with a little bit of gravel thrown in from Princess St. to the station) where we met some of the Leopold crew. Mark headed off to Ocean Grove, Meri and Lovro headed back via the highway and the rest of us had a very pleasant trip back via the rail trail.  Lovely to be out on the bike. Thanks everyone for a great morning. 

John Hagan's Boxing Day Ride to Armstrong Creek - 26.12.20
Unsure as to how many riders would turn up on Boxing Day we were able to commense our ride from Waurn Ponds with eleven starters in almost perfect conditions for tackling the bike paths through to Armstrong Creek. We climbed out of Waurn Ponds on the path parallel to the Anglesea Road then took Baanip Bvd which was strewn with glass in many places. Winding our way down Sovereigh Drive in Mt Duneed we made out way to the Surf Coast Highway then took the bike path roughly parallel to Warralily Bvd through to the Warralily Village Shopping Centre. The 11 riders to this point were: Ken S, Paul T & Cathie, who was a first time rider with us, Andrew, Leo, Trudi, Julia, Peter J, Jennie, Ross and your leader John H. At the Cockatoo Cafe we were joined by Lindy and Don for coffee and Jo and Hugh for the ride back. Jennie had to leave us at this point to get back early. The return trip was along Barwon Heads Rd, the Barwon River Path, up through Wandana Heights and around the back of Deakin for approximately 36km.
Thanks all for an enjoyable ride. John H.

Peter Jones' Ride to Moriac on Thursday - 24.12.20
Eleven riders for my Thurs Ride: Peter O, Jennie, Chris Hu, Chris Ha, David S, Ken S, Ken G, Barry, Ted, Leo and Me. Took the easy option,  nice day for a ride through the back country to Moriac. Coffee was even better when Chris Hu shouted to celebrate his birthday tomorrow, how good is that. Thanks Chris. Enjoyable chat then home via Hendy Main and Waun Ponds Dve. Lovely morning on the bike, thanks for joining me. Merry Christmas.
Peter J.

Fyansford through the Barrabool Hills to Cottage Farm Nursery and return on Tuesday 22.12.20
Maybe it was the potential for heavy rain, perhaps it was the prospect of hills, or was it simply the necessity of Christmas shopping, but today saw only four brave, intrepid, resilient riders show up. (Too much?) Nick, Peter J, Ken S and Chris Hu set off along the highway, down Merrawarp and then up to Ceres. Despite the prospect of rain, the views into the distance as we plummeted down Cochranes, were most impressive. Onto Moriac we rode single file against the breeze and it was only on Considines road that a light shower finally caught us before we reached Cottage Farm Nursery for excellent coffee, cake and conversation. The return journey with the breeze on our backs made for a fast rolling trip down Barrabool Road. At the highest point we had a clear panorama of Geelong and district  with a background silhouette of the Melbourne CBD. We continued our rapid descent into Highton to beat the slow moving shower on our tail. Thank you guys for shorter but vigorous outing. And we didn’t get wet!

Mark Shying Leads the Sunday Ride to Bannockburn - 20.12.20
Morning tea at Le Due Sorelle Café, Bannockburn was our goal today.  Initially, six cyclists joined me in pursuit of that goal – Janet, Jennie, Jo, John H, Julia and Peter J.  From South Geelong Station taking back streets we were soon exiting Wesley Street onto Ryrie Street.  On to the Fyansford Hotel we were joined by Nick, Trudi and Leo.  With a favourable wind we made good time along the Hamilton Highway to Murgheboluc and then used Harvey Road to reach our destination in Bannockburn.  Our group of ten enjoyed drinks and munchies – I had a very nice yoyo – thanks Le Due Sorelle.  With plenty of good conversation, in no time at all it was time to depart.  We cycled to the Midland Highway and then on to Dog Rocks Estate eventually making our way back to the Hamilton Highway.  A short time later we stopped opposite the Fyansford Hotel to identify who was riding with whom and where.  I rode to Geelong West – 56 kms covered.  Thanks all for an enjoyable ride in excellent conditions.
Mark S.

Peter O'Brien's Saturday Ride from Rippleside to Lara - 19.12.20
Thirteen riders assembled at the Rippleside start line this morning for the ride to the Lara.  The route taken was slightly different to the usual one in that we crossed the highway at Margaret Street with our destination being the start of the Tom McKean Trail on Douro Street.  This trail took us to McCurdy’s Road and from there onto the Ted Wilson Trail. Our ride along Bluestone Bridge Road and Houston Road was assisted by a slight tail wind making riding a pleasure.  It should be noted that on the uphill section of the Bluestone Bridge Road three riders flew past me – Peter J, Ted & Chris Ha, all of whom coincidentally were riding their electric bikes!  Thanks goodness John H was down the back taking photos at the time otherwise I would have been overtaken by four riders.  A special commendation goes to Ken S, who made a valiant effort and caught them at the top of the hill. 
A coffee break was taken at Xpresso Lounge Café in Lara before returning to Geelong via the Hovell Creek Trail. Thanks to Doug, Trudi, Leo, Peter J, Ted, Chris Ha, Ken S, Julie, Jennie, John, Nick and Janet for an enjoyable ride. Distance ridden 52 kms.
Peter O.

Chris Halpin Leads the Gravel Ride from Torquay to Anglesea on Thursday 17.12.20
Seven keen gravelleurs this morning in Torquay.  Weather was about as good as it gets - overcast skies, little wind, warm and humid. The team included PJ, POB,  Mark K, Ray,  Nick and 2xChris, but sadly no Ross. The ride along the Surf Coast to Anglesea is truly iconic - unique Ironbark forests with the raging surf and a challenging mix of tracks. Had to walk a few times. We were soon enjoying coffee and a chat in Anglesea. The climb out to Forrest Rd is tough but from there on the return is largely downhill and magic. Back in Torquay in no time. So Mark suggested celebrating with  a "frontbeacher" and seeing its nearly  Sarah's and Chris Hu's birthdays and Christmas how could we not.  Thanks all for a very pleasant ride of 41km and 500m.
Chris Ha.

Trudi Leads the Thursday Ride to Moriac - 17.12.20
Seven riders for a nice easy cruise to Moriac:  Jennie, David, Ken, Gary, Ted, Norm and myself.  Setting off up Waurn Ponds Drive, Reservoir Rd and down Hendy Main into the Moriac Store for our refreshments. With a quick wipe down of the wet outside seats and quick service we were soon devouring our coffee and munchies. The sun decided to show itself finally, so we just kicked back and enjoyed our refreshments. Main topic for discussion today was a question from our treasurer Ted. Inquiring if any of us had read the latest email from the committee.  Quite a lengthy discussion followed on the affiliated bicycle network membership. (Thanks Ted) With food for thought and coffee cups empty it’s was about time we set off for home. Hendy Main, Blackgate, Anglesea Rd, Ghazeepore Rd soon saw us back where we started. Thanks for your company today, see you all next time.

Chris Hume's Tuesday Ride to Pt Lonsdale - 15.12.20
Twelve riders headed off from Grovedale this morning: Chris H x 2, Sarah, Nick, Ray, PO’B and PJ, Mark K, Julia, Jennie, Janet and David S. It was warm, about 24 degrees, and humid. We made our way to Barwon Heads using Warralily Boulevard, Lake Rd and 13th Beach Rd. From here over the bridge and onto Collendina, then onto Shell Rd to Point Lonsdale and Plated Café for coffee. As we arrived there, a cool southerly greeted us!! After a good chat we headed off to Drysdale. Mark K left us at Shell Rd to head back to Torquay and the rest of us continued along Swan Bay Rd and Princess St. We stopped at the new bypass. I was keen on lunch at the Bungalow as was PJ, but the rest opted to head straight home along the Rail Trail, Nick leading. PJ and I had a good break then returned home via the Rail trail too. It ended up being a great day for riding with little traffic and tail winds!!
Chris Hu.

Greg Allerton's 100km Ride to Moriac & Sutherland's Creek on Sunday - 13.12.20
Ken Gawne, Peter O'Brien and new rider Oliver King joined me on a warm morning for this 100 km ride. There was a light and fickle north wind as we made our way out on the usual route to Moriac with Oliver soon getting used to the pace of our small bunch. We cruised through Moriac at 9-15 am and in light traffic used Cape Otway Rd to Modewarre before taking Hortips and Considines Rd and  into Barrabool. There was a long gradual climb into a head wind up to Cottage Farm Nursery Cafe by 9-50 am after 40 km but alas it was not open - perhaps we were too early. Then followed a good descent down over Pollocksford  before more head wind up to Hamilton Highway, where Oliver took the short cut home, not having done a long ride for some time. There was another downhill through Murgheboluc followed by a short steep climb in Brislanes Rd. We were soon in Bannockburn for a long awaited coffee after 64 km . Clyde road "downhill" produced a maximum 63 kmh before the climb up reduced speed to single digits. Once on Steiglitz Rd it was a side/tail wind back to Ted Wilson Trail where Ken turned off for the great downhill into Fyansford while Peter and I took the recommended cyclist on road route into central Geelong. I was home by 1 pm after 100 km in under 4.5 hours  average 22.3 kph. Great riding guys and thanks for your company.
Greg Allerton - Ride Leader.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Torquay - 13.12.20
A good turnout of 14 riders for our easy ride to Torquay. At Sth Geelong Station were L to R below: Barry, Peter J, Ted, Paul, Jennie, Jo, Lyn L, Leo, Trudi, Chris Hu, Ian and your ride leader, John H. Mark L joined the group as we were riding off and Doug met us near the Waurn Ponds Station. Our route to El Nido cafe in Torquay North was via Freshwater Creek and we were comfortably pushed along with a north wind with an ambient temperature in the mid to high twenties. We stopped on Coombes road briefly when Doug wasn't feeling well - he had ridden further than any of us at this stage as he had pedalled in against the headwind from Jan Juc. He soon recovered and we were off to the cafe for coffee and cake. Jo and Jennie left us just before coffee to return straight up the Surf Coast Hwy as they needed to be back earlier. The return trip was up Horseshoe Bend Rd with a deviation around the works area. Our total distance was 54km. Thanks all for an enjoyable morning.
John H.