GTC News Friday - 23.4.21
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Rides This Week:
Saturday 24th April - 9am from Grovedale Hotel - medium ride of 60km - Moriac circuit - Peter Jones to lead.
Sunday 25th April - 9am from Geelong Showgrounds - easy ride of 40km to Drysdale - Janet Roussety to lead.

Ross Reports in from the MAWSON TRAIL in SA - Friday 23.4.21
Caught up with Chis at Nuriootpa, a few days along the trail. Have had some cool weather and rain and this has made some sections of the trail a bit difficult. Have already had to make a few small detours. Having an easy day today, basically just two short rail trails to Clare. Cheers, Ross.
p.s. A question for the home mechanics out there. Any idea why my front derailleur is not shifting as smoothly as previously?

Trudi's Loop to Lara on Thursday 22.4.21
With plenty of wind around again today I decided not to ride my usual preferred route out to Lara. Today we rode the Ted Wilson path all the way to the end, before turning left onto Broderick Rd, Heales Rd, Bacchus Marsh Rd and straight along Elcho Rd. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Xpresso in the Lara. Having rung earlier to book tables the transition from bike to seats was very smooth and seamless. Service as always was quick and served with a smile, nothing is ever a bother. Well refreshed and refuelled it was time to see how Ted’s puddle was doing. To everyone’s amazement except for Chris, who was concentrating on what was in front of him missed the two huge poles to the left that held the solar panels. Yay progress finally, still some water on the path but hopefully once the pumps are turned on, there will be no more Ted’s Puddle to be seen. Riders today in Alphabetical order were Chris Ha, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Mike, Noel, Norm, Peter’s C J and O, Ted and Trudi. Thanks everyone for your company today.

TWO RIDES - Both Groups to Drysdale and Gravel Riders on to Barwon Heads - Tuesday 20.4.2
Gravel Ride by Chris Halpin
Only 3 trusty gravelleurs today. PJ, John M and myself headed off after the road runners. A nice tail wind pushed us down the BRT to Drysdale. Here we parted company with Doug's group and pushed on down the Trail. Persistent rain and cross winds forced a route reassessment and we decided to turn down Banks Rd to Collendina before finding more gravel on the beach path through to Barwon Heads. Coffee and a tasty muffin at Barwon Ebb & Flow revived our soggy spirits and we set off for home along 13th Beach and on to Blackgate. Minya Lane and Fishers Rd gave us another gravel taste and then home on Horseshoe Bend as the rain tapered. Approx 70km and 10mm of rain but great company a lively ride. Thanks John and Peter.

Ashphalt Ride to Drysdale by Doug
With a weather forecast of lots of rain from 10.00am this morning, it was pleasing to be joined by 11 other cycleholics. Attendees were: Barry T, Chris Hal (Ride Leader for the fat tyre peloton aka the gravel riders) David S, Doug (Ride leader for the skinny tyre peloton aka the asphalt riders), Jennie, John M, Ken S, Kim, the 3 Peter’s (C, J and O’B) and Ted. A short discussion at the start, by the skinny tyre riders decided to make Drysdale our turn-around point. Along the Bellarine Rail Trail with the rain just starting, Ken opted for a U-turn in favour of getting wet under a warm shower at home rather than nature’s cold shower. Arriving on the outskirts of Drysdale, with rain just spitting, Jennie opted for a U-turn plus the fat tyres peloton peeled-off heading for Queenscliff, possibly. The skinny tyres peloton, of six riders, opted for a short coffee stop at the Bungalow. Waterproof jackets were now necessary as we headed back to the Showgrounds. With rain still falling, the speed increased in the hope that we would be back to Geelong before the heavy stuff. Due to the increased speed (above 25 kph) the e-bike (and rider) was not in favour of that speed so we eased off to a more manageable speed. If we were to get drenched, as a result of going slower, we had a scape-goat!!! We had just crossed Kensington Road Leopold when Peter C unfortunately punctured. Peter insisted we continue without him, informing us he will repair the puncture and head for home (nearby). There were no dissenters and we all wished Peter a safe trip home as we sped off. Not long after getting back to the Showgrounds the rain became heavier much to the detriment of those cycling to home, from the Showgrounds. We completed the 36 kilometres round trip and were still reasonably dry, which was a minor miracle, if you factor in the forecast.
Thank you all, for voting for, and joining me on a shortened ride.

John Hagan's Sunday Ride to Torquay - 18.4.21
Eleven starters for our ride to Torquay via Paraparap & Jan Juc: (from L to R below) John, Peter, Leo, Lindy, Trudi, Mike, Ian, Kim, Lovro, Doug and Jenny. If a leader can keep all of the starters right through to the finish line the ride leader usually gets top marks for the ride. However, on today's ride the attrition rate was high and we ended up with just five riders coming back to the Grovedale Pub. Our first incident was a fall on Ghazeepore Rd and assistance had to be called in, then others had to leave because of time constraints and Mike had a bike all primed up for the gravel ride which had been cancelled so he and PJ headed for coffee at Moriac. Ian told me that he had not been on Vickerys/Gundrys Rds before so we were all able to appreciate the scenery along this beautiful but hilly part of Bellbrae. After assisting at our first incident Doug and Lindy had gone directly to our coffee spot at Surfcoast Wholefoods and they had a bit of a wait for us to come through from Jan Juc. We consumed some delicious cakes and other food with our coffee and were wondering about the "wholefood" content of these beautiful morsels! Thanks to all for your assistance along the way and particular thanks to Leo for following up the tail of the ride.
Keep Riding - John.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Curlewis, Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads - 17.4.21
Twenty keen riders this morning, so 2 groups. In order we had Andrew, myself, Hugh, Janet, Jennie, Jo, Johnx2, Ken, Lindy, Lovro,  PJ, Sarah & Nick, Ted, Trudi & Leo. We also welcomed back Sue, Richard on the Tandem, and Ron after long absences. Sarah bravely volunteered to lead the 2nd group and I just appointed Leo as 'tail-ender', cause that's what he does so well! A tail wind on the BRT to Curlewis was handy. Interesting that we were overtaken by not one but two other keen groups of cyclists, manoeuvring between dogs and walkers, and one very speedy lady rider. Time for cycling speed limits on the BRT maybe? We soon turned into Curlewis Rd, still with a favourable wind and little traffic, down to Bellarine Hwy, across to Wallington Rd and on to Groove. Very busy here too. So many cyclists about. After a noisy coffee break it was again time to hit the road.  The usual confusion about toilet arrangements, who was in which group and who was missing - but somehow we seemed to get everyone back to Geelong in good time via 13th Beach and HorseshoeBend Rds. No punctures to report. I enjoyed just over 60km of great riding, even better company and special thanks to Sarah and Leo for their help.

Trudi's Loop to Bannockburn on Thursday 15.4.21
With strong winds whipping around the streets of Geelong meant that we were in for a wild ride to Bannockburn. Today’s riders in alphabetical order were: Barry, David S, Jennie, Ken S, Kim, Lindy, Nick, Peter C, Peter J, Sarah, Ted, Zac and ride leader Trudi. 
Riding into a strong headwind on the Hamilton Highway made progress slow and challenging. On turning right into Burnside Rd we found it ever so slightly easier going. Cafe of choice today was Cafe Le Due Sorelle. With plenty of seating inside we didn’t have to think twice about taking our coffee inside the cafe out of the wind. It was so nice to catch up with an old member Ange while enjoying our coffee. I would love to see Paul and Ange back riding with us again soon. Our return route was a lovely run down Clyde Rd and along the beautifully stunning valley below. Once on Stieglitz Rd and now with the wind on our backs it was a pleasure to let the wind blow us homeward. Lovely Banks Rd soon had us back on the Ted Wilson path, everyone finding their way home. Thanks for your company today, see you all next ride.

Doug's Rural Ride from Winchelsea to Eurack and Birregurra - Tuesday 13.4.21
Rain had been falling on the previous 3 days and it was pleasing to see dry roads for today’s 96.44 kilometres ride. Attendees were: Barry, David, Doug, Janet, Jennie, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lyn L, Mark J, Nick, Peter J, Sarah and Trudi. Leaving Winchelsea, we headed north into a mild wind hitting our right cheekbone. Our first scheduled stop was the Eurack Avenue of Honour (AOH) some 30 kilometres away. Although the wind intensified as the morning wore on, it didn’t hinder us too much with a steady pace all along the way. Arriving at AOH Trudi wanted to know where the mobile coffee van was located. As we could not see it one rider asked the repair crew were they also the mobile coffee van? The reply was “no” as they were there to do some repairs to WW1 crosses as two of them had been broken as the result of a road accident. They added that they had passed the coffee van a few kilometres back and it had broken-down (Pinocchio, your nose is getting bigger). With no coffee the peloton had to settle for jelly beans for a fix. Leaving the AOH it was only a couple of K’s to our right-hand turn and the wind would be at our back. For nearly 30 kilometres we were cruising in the high 20’s kilometres per hour with very little effort. There was a small interruption to our progress due to a road sign being absent. A quick check of the Ride Leaders map got us underway again. In Birregurra, our planned coffee stop was closed however the general store was Plan B and the food and coffee there was very good.
Shortly after leaving Birregurra, we turned left onto the Cape Otway Road. The strong wind that was previously behind us was not at our side trying to blow us across the road. The last 6 kilometres to Winchelsea was into the head wind. Thanks to Peter for going to the front, making it easier for those behind. Note: Ken G and Lyn elected to return to Winchelsea before we reached the AOH. Thank you to Nick and Barry who alternatively shared the ‘Tail-end Charlie’ duties. In summary, this was a great course, excellent roads, the wind in our favour most of the way. Thank you to all who participated and for your most enjoyable company. If there is anybody wanting to know more about the ride and or the course, please contact me. In closing, thank you to those who sent What’s App messages saying how much you enjoyed the ride.

Gary Leads the Tuesday Ride to Moriac - 13.4.21
Five members assembled at Bunnings for the ride to Moriac.  Gary B was elected unopposed as ride leader, the others in the group were Chris Ha, Lindy L, Peter N and Peter R.  All riders were keen to get started to try and outsmart the onset of a potentially windy day.  We decided to do the reverse ride to Moriac by going up Ghazeepore Rd to Dickens, Angelsea Rd, Blackgate, Hendy Main, Larcombes, Church, Cape Otway then through to Moriac.  After a great coffee at the general store and solving the problems of the world, we returned via Hendy Main, Reserve, Pettavel, Waurn Ponds Drive back to Bunnings.  We left Lindy there as she Had her car and the rest of us proceeded up Pigdons where we the departed company to individually find our home.  Thanks to all who rode for your great company and chatter.

Ted’s Magical History Tour that didn’t happen – Sunday 11.4.21
A BOM weather forecast at 7.00 am predicting gale force winds and significant rain caused the cancellation of today’s ride around Geelong but 21 members and family turned up to the Heritage Victoria site at The Heights and enjoyed an informative tour led by HV volunteers. One intrepid rider, John, did in fact hop on the bike and joined five others at the scheduled coffee stop at The Door Gallery Cafe at the Fyansford Mill. John’s decision turned out to be a good one as the morning was windy but stayed relatively dry. The non-riders didn’t seem too disappointed though. Thanks to those who supported this initiative. We’ll do it again but let’s hope for better weather next time.

Peter Jones' Saturday Ride to Drysdale & Ocean Grove - 10.4.21
Another 16 riders were willing to ignore the weather reports and join me on my ride to Groove Ocean Grove this morning, Peter O, Trudi and Leo, Jennie, Mark S, Mark J, Ken S, John M, John H, Nick, Peter C, Barry, Doug, Chris Ha, Ian B, Kim, thanks for keeping me company. My route today was out the BRT to Jetty Rd, to the Bypass, down Princess, a short traverse on Swan Bay Rd and down Grubb Rd to Thacker. The air had been a bit moist for most of the ride until we were heading into Ocean Grove when it became very damp, looking ahead I thought I could see a faint blue tinge behind the grey and gambled that the shower would all be over by the time we arrived at Groove, I was lucky this time and the rain had stopped as we arrived.
Enjoyed our coffee, mounted our trusty steeds and headed home via 13th Beach, not many surfers around, the water was very chopped up. There was a parting of the ways as riders took their decisions as to which way to get home. By this time there was no showers but there was a strong and blustery South Westerly. There is a basic sailing rule, do not give away a windward position, ie do not run downwind unless you really have to because to come back into the wind will be a lot harder. My route was across the wind with the maximum protection from the side wind, minimal headwind and maximum tailwind, as usual it worked a treat and topped off a pleasant morning on the bike.
Thanks again for coming along everyone.
Cheers, Peter.

Ross Leads the GRAVEL Ride & Kim the ASHPHALT Ride to Torquay on Thursday 8.4.21
The Ashphalt Ride:
Fortunately the fog had cleared well before our 9am start from the Grovedale Pub and from there the day just got better with a light breeze and sunshine to warm us up. With 18 riders for the road option of todays days ride it made sense to split into 2 groups. Those who participated today were: David S, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie (who had a short ride due to work commitments), Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Lyn, Mike C, Nick, Paul T, Peter O’B, Ron, Trudi, and a warm welcome to new member Richard White.
We headed off along Bannip Blvd and onto Anglesea Rd with a right into Coombes Rd, then the very pleasant ride through the beautiful Ocean Acres, Grossmans Rd, SC Hwy up Bell St and along The Esplanade, which allowed us to admire the very blue ocean and perfect beach conditions. Then up Darian and into Fischer St where we encountered some unplanned road works on our side of the road so using the footpath (carefully past the driveways, from my experience) we then arrived at our coffee stop, Cafe El Nido. Here a few over heated riders removed some un wanted layers and we all had a good chat while enjoying our beverage of choice. Refreshed and ready to go we headed along Horseshoe Bend Rd from where a few riders made there own way home along the way. The rest of us turned right into Warralily Blvd and onto Barwon Heads Rd making our way back to Grovedale. I stopped and waited at Marshalltown Rd as I thought there were some riders missing, I then decided to back track only to find Richard had a puncture with Ron and David giving assistance. Fortunately I arrived at the right time as they had just completed the job. There was a bit more traffic about today than I expected and it just seemed to follow us no matter which way we went but I must say everyone was very respectful.
Thank you to all riders today for making this outing such an enjoyable one. Special thanks to Peter O’B for leading the second group and to Leo and Gary for being the 2 follow up back riders.

The Gravel Ride:
In contrast to the horde setting off on today's bitumen ride, the group for the gravel adventure was small but select. The two Chris's, Ha and Hu, PJ, Mark, Barry and Ross set off from the Grovedale Hotel in search of dirt roads. The variety of equipment in use was only matched by the variety of riding surfaces we would encounter - everything from an electric mountain bike to a brave rider using smooth road tyres. There was far too much bitumen early on but eventually, we found some nice quiet country lanes with nice country views and only the occasional corrugation and pot hole to distract us. There are limited unsealed roads in this area so it was good to find some new gems as well as the usual suspects. A wide loop brought us in to Torquay via some small gravel paths and even some green gravel (a grass field). Refreshments were taken at El Nido before a last dirt section via Point Impossible and back on Horseshoe Bend Road. The ride leader displayed his usual cavalier approach to ride leading duties and abandoned the group at Mt Duneed. Hope they all made it home safely.
Cheers, Ross.

On the way home Trudi almost ran over a snake on the Barwon Path & Peter O'B was just behind her - photo PO'B.

Peter O'Brien's Ride Through the Barrabool Hills - Tuesday 6.4.21
It was pleasing that twelve riders fronted-up at Fyansford this morning for the ride through the hills to Moriac. We rode out to Merrawarp Road and then onto Barrabool Road, where we turned left instead of the usual right, and climbed the Ceres hill.  The reward for the climb was an exhilarating ride down Cochranes Road to Waurn Ponds Drive.  At this point, we met up with Doug who had ridden in from Torquay.  Not to be forgotten, Ross also rode in from Torquay and started from Fyansford.  Sorry Doug but you’ve been gazumped! We continued onto Reservoir Road and again enjoyed the down-hill ride along the Cape Otway Road to Moriac for coffee at the General Store.  Here we met up with Lyn. 
The return ride was via Gnarwarre, Pollocksford Road and onto the Hamilton Highway.  The number of B-double trucks on this highway means we all need to be very mindful of the need to ride to the extreme left-hand side of the shoulder. Back at Fyansford a number of the riders who were still looking for hills to climb rode up Hyland Hill and then dispersed and headed off for their respective homes. Thanks to Ken G, Leo, Trudi, John M, Sarah, Janet, Ross, David S, Peters x 3 (not Jones), Doug, Lyn and Chris Ha.
Distance travelled: 74kms. Ascent: 553 metres. Descent: 587 metres.
Regards, Peter O.

GTC EasterSunday Ride (AKA the Easter Bunny Ride) led by Doug 4.4.21
On another glorious autumn morning the following cyclists assembled at the South Geelong Railway Station and they were: Doug, Jennie, John H, Kim, Marie, Mick G, Pam, Ross and guest rider Robin (Macedon Rangers Cycle Club). With the petrol prices rocketing up for the Easter Weekend, it was no surprise that everybody rode to the Station, in order to save themselves lots of petrol dollars by not using the car. Geoff C, met us outside the Epworth Hospital and at this time a small mishap occurred which resulted in a rider falling onto the grass verge. Fortunately, the Emergency Department of the hospital was not required and we rode on. Today’s course is not frequently used yet it is a very pleasant course for a Sunday ride (not much traffic). If it had not been for the Easter Bunny claiming naming rights, I would call this ride the Three Pinnacles Ride, because there are only three hills in forty kilometres of cycling. Hill One was up Roslyn Road, Hill Two on the bike path (short sharp hill) and Hill Three was the path on the western side of the Ring Road/Anglesea Road to Hams Road. Having reached Hams Road, the rest of the course is mostly flat. Our coffee stop at the Cockatoo Café saw the Easter Bunny appear and he/she generously distributed Easter Eggs to those present. The payback was to call today’s ride ‘The Easter Bunny Ride.’ Hence the title of today’s ride. Riding along Lake Road it was good to see Julia back on the bike. Thank you everybody for such wonderful company on a magnificent day for cycling. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to John H for the photos. Distance of Course 1: 39.1 kilometres. Distance of Course Two: 63 kilometres.

Chris Halpin's Saturday Ride to Moriac - 3.4.21
A warm & beautiful morning and 14 riders- PJ, Andrew, Trudi & Leo, Johns M&H, Hugh, Jo, Ken S, Ian, Chris Hu, myself and Barry as our trusty Kelpie. We all agreed busy Easter traffic was best avoided so we took mainly quiet roads (Waurn Ponds Dve,  Pettavel, Reservoir & Hendy Main) to Moriac. Lots of other riders waving cheerily.  Morning coffee in the shade on the back lawn at the Store was very social - hard to leave. Hugh punctured on Hendy Main soon after we left and Leo excelled on the repair, removing lots of glass fragments from the tyre. A gathering north westerly hurried us down to Blackgate and back into the wind on Anglesea and Ghazeepore Rd made for a challenging ride of ~ 45km. Thanks everyone for joining us.
Chris Ha.

Ted's Thursday Ride to Lara - 1.4.21
On a perfect autumn morning ten riders turned up at the Top o’ Church for the ride to Lara. In alphabetical order they were: Chris Hu, Chris Ha, David S, Doug, Gary, Jennie, Ken S, Peter C, Peter J and Ted. Trudi joined us along the TW trail. The ride to Lara was uneventful except for a few events. A lovely cruise down Bluestone Bridge Road was followed by a moment of confusion while we worked out if Anakie Road was closed or not. Being assured that it was not, we proceeded onto to what only could be described as the best bit of gravel in Geelong. Not being a regular “gravelleur” I was a bit concerned but we survived the ordeal and carried on to our next challenge which was crossing Bacchus Marsh Road in peak period. Again we prevailed and continued undaunted down Windermere to Kees Road and the new Manzeene Estate. An unfortunate navigation failure resulted in another gravel experience, this time not quite so pleasant but at least it was short. The final insult was to arrive at my (previously) favourite coffee shop to be told we weren’t welcome inside because they were fully booked and we hadn’t made a reservation. Needless to say, some of our more volatile members were “not happy Jan” but we submitted to the demand to buy takeaway and found a pleasant spot in the children’s playground – bad luck kids, move over. The trip home was, at last, uneventful and most members of the group complied with my recommendation to use the paths (you know who you are). Thank you for your company on an enjoyable morning on the bike.

Doug's Mornington Peninsular Ride From Sorrento – Flinders – Main Ridge - Arthurs Seat and back to Sorrento - 30.3.21
A great turn-out for today’s Ride. Nineteen GTC riders and they were: Chris Hu, David, Doug, Gary, Janet, Jennie, Ken G, Ken S, Kim, Lindy, Lyn L, Lyn P (new member), Mark J, Nick, the 3 Peters (J N O’B), Sarah, Trudi and guest rider Lyn. On board the ferry, there were more bikes than cars and we outnumbered all other passengers. On a glorious morning with the sun overhead we were on our way, on some very quiet roads. Just before our first big downhill, we were cheered on by Barry T (sitting in his car). As always, a downhill is followed by an uphill and this was a beauty as one section of the uphill had an incline of 18 degrees. Not long after, we turned onto Meakins Road and unexpectedly found it to be unmade. This wasn’t part of the plan. About two kilometres along the gravel, we finally struck the sealed part of the road. The sealed part of Meakins Road to the corner of Flinders – Mornington Road was (by my reckoning) the best part of the whole course. No cars, scenic views both sides of the road, tree lined and the sun overhead, no wind, just perfect. Leaving Meakins Road it was mostly uphill to Arthurs Seat. The Eagle Café at Arthurs Seat was a most welcome coffee stop and the thought of no more hills to traverse was a winner. Coffee never tasted so good. A record pace was set all the way downhill to the Nepean Highway. The flat Nepean Highway required little effort. Having reached Sorrento, it was only few extra kilometres to Baked In Portsea for one of their delicious pies. With the ferry only two kilometres away, it was an easy ride, with full tummies. As we arrived at the terminal, we were greeted with the loud sound of about 20 Harley Davidson motorbikes waiting to board the ferry. Smooth sailing back to Queenscliff saw the completion of a great day’s cycling, despite a couple of nasty hills. Good cycling and good company by all riders. Thanks to: Chris Hu who led the second group, Kim and Peter J for taking photos, Nick for doing several U turns to check on riders and several “Tail End Charlies” (team effort). Distance: 75.16 kilometres. Elevation Gain: 732 metres (Strava).
PS. Peter J, Ken S , David S and Ken G also rode from Geelong to the Ferry at Queenscliff (see map) - and you can see from the last photo that they were arriving back at sunset after covering 115km.

Alternate Ride to Drysdale & Barwon Heads on Tuesday 30.3.21
Report soon.

Nick Leads the GRAVEL Ride & Doug the ASHPHALT Ride to Moriac on Sunday 28.3.21
The Ashphalt Ride:
There was a choice of roads to Moriac today, gravel or asphalt. Of those present, 11 riders took the sealed roads to Moriac and they were: Barry, Doug, Geoff C, Jenny, Jo, John H, Kim, Leo, Lindy, Sarah and Trudi. The steeper hills enroute were done with by the time we turned onto Mt Duneed Road only to have to deal with a headwind all the way to Moriac. The gravel riders crossed our path near the end of Mt Duneed Road. The Cape Otway Road down-hill section made it an easy ride to coffee. Shortly after arriving at the general store, we were joined by Marie and Pam who had taken a different route. With coffees ordered, it wasn’t long before the gravel peloton arrived. John H ordered a large cup of coffee and it must have taken the milk from at least two cows to fill it (see photo). Leaving the general store, we proceeded south along Cape Otway Road and then we struck the resurfaced section with the very small loose stones, pushed to the edge of the road by vehicles and making it a bit hazardous. Somebody with a sense of humour declared that they had joined the gravel ride by mistake. Fortunately, we soon turned onto Church Road and left the loose stones behind us. Larcombes Road saw us on the same course as a bike race and we had many super quick cyclists whizzing by. Barry gave chase and was about to catch them when they turned right onto Forest Road - good effort Barry. With the wind behind us it was a pleasant trip back to Bunnings. Thanks to “Tail End Charlie (s) John H and deputy Lindy.” Photos by John H (with thanks). A good team ride, well done to all. Distance 40.1 kilometres.

The Gravel Ride:
A small contingent of six graveleurs, Chris Ha, Chris Hu, Greg A, Jesse, Nick and Peter J set  off from Bunnings to ride the undulations of  Willowite Rd. This is one of the prettiest and quietest north south gravel roads  to ride along with the  least corrugations compared to busier Ghazeepore or Pettavel.  At Blackgate Rd a group decision was made to head into Moriac to meet the roadies for coffee. Before we headed out again  we had to reinflate Chris Hu’s persistently leaky tubeless tyre. We rode around Hendy Main to the south end of Willowite to ride the section we missed and then continued back up to Reservoir Rd and then  home along WP Dr. Jesse on the recumbent was unbeatable  downhill on bitumen, PJ on his electric MTB beast was fastest up hill with rest of us somewhere in between pedalling an assortment of fat tyres steeds. Thank you guys for an enjoyable morning’s gravelling.

Peter Jones' Ride to The Cheeky Cow in Collendina on Saturday 27.3.21
Big bunch for my ride to The Cheeky Cow this morning, 16 riders: Janet, Jennie, Jo, Lindy, Trudi, Barry, Chris Ha, Hugh, John H, John M, Ken S, Leo, Mark S, Peter O, Ted and myself. Lindy was riding her new Trek eRoad Bike, looks very smart and travels along very nicely. Took the BRT to Curlewis Rd., thence to Wallington Rd where we were first visited by the puncture gods. Ken S was first to be attacked, once that was repaired we were on our way and they struck again, this time Janet was the victim. At this point some of our crew who had time constraints took off to get back to Geelong in good time, Hugh, Jennie, Jo, Mark S and Ted departed our bunch. Four continued to The Cheeky Cow while the rest helped Janet and met up with us at coffee. After coffee we took the view that the roads were very busy so took the quietist way home via Banks Rd, Swan Bay Rd, Drysdale Bypass Trail, Jetty Rd and back on the BRT. Almost home and Ken S was attacked again with a slow leak but decided to pump it up and limp home. A very enjoyable ride in good company, thanks for coming.
Cheers, Peter J.